Polyglot Persistence: Choosing the Right Azure Storage Mix

The Data Landscape

In the broad and varied data landscape of today, there are many different ways of storing and processing data. Take a look at storing data in Azure, the five common types of data storage engines, and some of the ancillary data processing and analysis tools.

Relational Databases

This one needs no introduction, since it's what we're all most familiar with. Explore the options for relational data on Azure.

Key-Value Stores

Get a look at this type of datastore, which references data by a single key lookup.

Document Databases

Find out what these are and how they differ from what we’ve seen thus far.

Graph Stores

Take a look at this type of database, which is specifically geared toward managing complex relationships between data entities.

Column Stores

This is the final type of NoSQL datastore we will look at in this session.

Polyglot Persistence

Now that we’ve seen the variety of datastores available today, take a look at a scenario which uses multiple different datastores in a single application rather than trying to fasten to a screw with a hammer.

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