A quick look at the Power BI service

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The previous topic introduced you to Power BI Desktop. As we learned, the common flow of work in Power BI is to create a report in Power BI Desktop, publish it to the Power BI service, then share it with others so they can view it in the service or on a mobile app.

Some people begin in the Power BI service, though, so let's take a quick look at the service, and learn about an easy and popular way to quickly create visuals in Power BI: content packs.

A content pack is a collection of pre-configured, ready-made visuals and reports based on specific data sources, such as Salesforce. Using a content pack is like microwaving a TV dinner or ordering a fast-food value meal: with just a few clicks and comments, you're quickly served up a collection of entrees designed to go well together, all presented in a tidy, ready-to-consume package.

So let's take a quick look at content packs, the service, and how it works. We go into more detail about content packs (and the service) in upcoming sections; think of this as a bit of taste-testing to whet your appetite.

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