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Artificial Intelligence Definition

Intelligente Roboter, selbsfahrende Autos, Drohnen basieren auf sog. Künstliche Intelligenz (KI; engl. artificial intelligence, AI). Der nioch nicht eindeutig definierte Begriff bezeichnet den Versuch, eine menschenähnliche Intelligenz nachzubilden, z.B. einen Computer zu entwickeln, der eigenständig Probleme bearbeiten kann.

Artificial Intelligence Schulungen

Aerial Informatics and Robotics Platform

Video | englisch | Anspruch
The video shows a simulation of the quadrotor flight in a sub-urban environment. The visuals depict how the camera mounted on the quadrotor perceives the world.

CodeChat 068 - A Broad View of Machine Learning

Video | englisch | Anspruch
Rick Barraza (@rickbarraza) works in the AI space at Microsoft, and is particularly good at communicating the concepts of the seemingly (and actually) complex world of machine learning. In this interview, Rick clarifies the terms machine learning (ML), deep neural networks...

Data Science Virtual Machine

Video | englisch | Anspruch
This episode of the AI Show is the first in a series talking about the Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM). DSVM is a family of Azure Virtual Machine images published by Microsoft on the Azure marketplace, specially built for Machine learning, deep learning and analytics. It...

Interview with Lauren Tran, Software Engineer Focused on Machine Learning

Video | englisch | Anspruch
In this episode of GALs, we visit the Microsoft Reactor Space in San Francisco to interview Lauren Tran, a machine learning and artificial intelligence-focused software engineer in Microsoft Commercial Enigineering (CSE) team. Lauren didn't necessarily plan on being a software...

Interview With Ruth Yakubu, Cloud Developer Advocate in Java and AI

Video | englisch | Anspruch
Christina interviews Ruth Yakubu, a CDA focused on Java, AI, and cloud analytics. In this one-on-one interview, Ruth shares how she became interested in tech, and the career path that led her to Microsoft. In addition to her technical work, Ruth is also a fashion and beauty...

Machine Learning in IoT solutions

Video | englisch | Anspruch
Ted Way comes to the IoT Show to introduce Machine Learning and show an example of an IoT solution doing predictive maintenance with Azure Machine Learning.

Machine Learning on Azure IoT Edge

Video | englisch | Anspruch
Our guest for this episode is Ted Way from the Machine Learning team who came to demonstrate how simple it is to bring the Cloud intelligence at the Edge. Ted and Olivier discuss the interest of running Machine Learning at the Edge and then shows how to do so with Azure IoT...

The Simplest Machine Learning

Video | englisch | Anspruch
In this episode of the AI Show, machine learning is gently introduced from the standpoint of the algorithm and model. It starts with the simplest machine learning, linear regression, and ends on a dense neural network explaining the similarities in plain terms along the way to...

TWC9: MVP Summit, Windows Developer Day, International Women's Day, and more

Video | englisch | Anspruch
This week on Channel 9, Christina is FINALLY free from a cast and brace, and ready to celebrate International Women's Day, along with the latest developer news, including: [00:24] Microsoft Build 2018 Developer Conference[00:43] GALs with Lauren Tran[00:55] GALs with Beth...

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