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Microsoft Azure Automation Definition

Azure Automation ermöglicht Ihnen das Automatisieren der Erstellung, Bereitstellung, Überwachung und Wartung von Ressourcen in Ihrer Azure-Umgebung mithilfe eines hoch skalierbaren und zuverlässigen Workflowausführungsmoduls.

Microsoft Azure Automation Schulungen

Automate everywhere with the new Azure Automation in OMS – with special guest Jeffrey Snover

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Azure Automation has provided a highly available, reliable, and scalable process execution engine for orchestrating error-prone and complex IT management tasks around Azure resources for a long time. But recently, Azure Automation has become a whole lot more. Join Rick, Joe...

Automation Everywhere with New SDKs, Tools, and Services in Azure

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Many cloud applications need to support the ability to automate the creation, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of its components. The Azure Management Libraries and Azure PowerShell Cmdlets allow this type of automation by providing convenient client wrappers around the...

Automation Overview and Roadmap for Windows Server and System Center

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This session provides an overview of the Microsoft automation platform, products, and services and how they fit together to deliver a cohesive set of solutions to modernize IT operations and embrace DevOps. This includes: Windows PowerShell scripting, workflow, desired state...

Azure Automation 101 with PowerShell and Eamon O'Reilly

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Scott digs into PowerShell and the Azure Automation service with Eamon O'Reilly. You might be using PowerShell or local scripts today but are running them locally from your office. Why not move those into the reliable Azure Automation Service? We cover: Basics of Azure...

Azure Automation 102 with PowerShell and Chris Sanders

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Scott digs into PowerShell and the Azure Automation service with Chris Sanders. Chris goes deeper and talks about the "Resumability" and resilience of texts. You can save the stack of your scripts, pause them, wait for things, wake up and keep going. He also talks about how you...

Azure Automation 103 advanced runbook mangement and certificates with Beth Cooper

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Scott learns even more about Azure Automation from Beth Cooper. Beth shows some advanced internals with some useful PowerShell scripts that show you exactly how to use Automation in a secure way. She shows how to next runbooks, share functions and variables, and mange your...

Azure Automation 104 managing Linux and creating Modules with Joe Levy

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Scott digs into PowerShell and the Azure Automation service with Joe Levy. PowerShell is great, but what if you manage a lot of Linux machines? Joe shows how to use Azure Automation to automate a Linux machine over SSH We cover: Creating a C# Module and using it from PowerShell...

Azure Rate Card and Billing APIs with Moinak Bandyopadhyay

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Moinak Bandyopadhyay stops by Azure Friday to show that Azure in fact has rich Billing and Rate Card APIs! In fact, the same Azure Resource Manager APIs that the Azure Portal uses can be used by you in your own applications. If you're a small organization or a large one, you...

Datacenter Integration Using Automation in Microsoft System Center Orchestrator

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As we integrate the Windows Azure Pack into the Cloud Platform to provide end-to-end delivery and management of these new services, this session covers Service Management Automation (SMA) features of Orchestrator in R2 and shows how you can integrate existing Orchestrator...

Get Started with Azure Automation

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A simple step by step walk through for Azure Automation based on the tutorial at:

Heterogeneous Configuration Management Using Microsoft Azure Automation

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Azure Automation is currently used to provision, maintain, and monitor your cloud-based infrastructure. This session will show how a new feature of Azure Automation extends those capabilities, to increase robustness and simplicity with PowerShell Desired State Configuration....

Learn the Ins and Outs of Azure Automation, PowerShell and Desired State Configuration

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When transitioning your skillset from on-premises to a more hybrid cloud environment, you have to also transition your management techniques from GUI and One-Off solutions to a more reproducible Automated environment. Learn the ins and outs of Azure Automation Services and the...

Treating the Azure CLI as a Docker Container to speed development

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Scott talks to Khalid Mouss about how install the Azure CLI into a Docker Container. This means your Azure Command Line Interface setup is completely portable and easily installable, anywhere!

Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Automation

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Die „Microsoft Azure Essentials“ Serie verhilft Ihnen Ihre technischen Fähigkeiten mit Microsoft Azure zu erweitern. “Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Automation” wird IT Pros und Windows PowerShell Entwicklern helfen, die Kernkonzepte hinsichtlich...

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In dieser Community Gruppe geht es um alles Wissenwerte zum Thema Azure Cloud...

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