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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Definition

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) ist eine Linux-Distribution von SUSE, die speziell auf Unternehmenskunden ausgelegt ist.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Schulungen

MCSA: Linux on Azure

Lernplan | deutsch | Anspruch
Die Zertifizierung zum "Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Linux® on Azure" bescheinigt Ihnen die Fähigkeiten für den Entwurf, die Architektur, die Implementierung und die Pflege cloudfähiger Linux-Lösungen, die Open Source Funktionen von...

MOC 55187 Linux System Administration

Classroom Schulung | deutsch | Anspruch
In diesem Kurs lernen Sie professionell ein Linux System zu administrieren.

Azure Automation 104 managing Linux and creating Modules with Joe Levy

Video | englisch | Anspruch
Scott digs into PowerShell and the Azure Automation service with Joe Levy. PowerShell is great, but what if you manage a lot of Linux machines? Joe shows how to use Azure Automation to automate a Linux machine over SSH We cover: Creating a C# Module and using it from PowerShell...

Azure Batch Demo: NAMD on Linux VMs

Video | englisch | Anspruch
This demo shows a pre-release version of Azure Batch running a parallel molecular dynamics (NAMD) simulation on a pool of 32 Linux VMs. (Note: The Batch public preview currently doesn't support Linux VM pools.)

Building a Linux Virtual Machine Tutorial

Video | englisch | Anspruch
Brian Lewis walks us through building a virtual machine with Linux on Azure. This video compliments the documentation found at:

Create a Linux Virtual Machine

Video | englisch | Anspruch
Learn how to create a Linux Virtual Machine and connect and manage it with SSH.

Installing a Linux Image on Azure with Eduard Koller

Video | englisch | Anspruch
Scott learns how to create and share a Linux Image on Windows Azure with Eduard Koller within Ubuntu using the Azure Command Line Tools

Linux Virtual Machine Management with Kundana Palagiri

Video | englisch | Anspruch
Scott talks with Senior Program Manager Kundana Palagiri about Linux Virtual Machine Management. She teaches Scott how to have Azure automatically run shell scripts on Azure VMs as they provision without having to manually SSH into each machine. She also covers Chef and Puppet...

Monitoring Linux Compute workloads within an Azure Infrastructure

Video | englisch | Anspruch
Scott talks to Khalid Mouss about how you can monitor your Linux machines within an Azure infrastructure. Large numbers of Linux machines run on Azure with great success, so how can you best monitor the CPU and Disk access of your Linux workloads? Khalid also shows how to add...

Thousands of free Linux virtual machines in VM Depot

Video | englisch | Anspruch
Scott talks to Eduard Koller about the Microsoft Open Tech "VMDepot," a collection of hundreds of open virtual machine images you can install in Azure today! Areas covered in this video: The VMDepot portal – A community-driven VM image catalog. Images contain the OS,...

Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS)

Zertifizierung | englisch | Anspruch
Das Examen Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) bestätigt ihre Fähigkeiten bezüglich der Administration eines Linux-Systems. Anmeldung

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Community

Tausche Dich mit Mitgliedern und Experten zu SUSE Linux Enterprise Server aus.
Sie können in Azure ein umfangreiches Spektrum an Open Source-basierten und...

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Experten

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