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Microsoft Azure Container Schulungen

Azure Container Registry Geo-replication

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Steve Lasker joins Donovan Brown to explain Azure Container Registry (ACR) Geo-replication. With ACR, you can now manage your global Azure footprint as one resource, enabling network-close deployments of your Docker containers. With regionalized WebHooks, you can deploy regions...

Container Orchestration Simplified with Managed Kubernetes in Azure Container Service (AKS)

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Gabe Monroy joins Scott Hanselman to discuss Azure Container Service (AKS), Microsoft's new managed Kubernetes service. Now you can easily manage your Kubernetes environment by simplifying the deployment, management, and operations activities without sacrificing portability....

Container-native developer experiences, Part 1 - Overview

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Join Donovan Brown & Ralph Squillace to learn about the open source tool chain that enables container-native, microservice-oriented app development and delivery in Kubernetes. They cover the challenges of adopting containers as a code delivery technology and some of the...

Container-native developer experiences, Part 2 - Draft

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Join Donovan Brown & Ralph Squillace to learn how to use Draft to kick start container-native development for Kubernetes applications. Draft lets you concentrate on your service code by removing the containment and service composition from most development work, which...

Container-native developer experiences, Part 3 - Brigade

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Join Donovan Brown & Ralph Squillace to learn about Brigade, the Kubernetes-native service that creates structured container pipelines from JavaScript functions, letting you "script" your cluster in reaction to events. You'll also learn about Kashti, the web dashboard that...

Interview With Kris Nova, Cloud Developer Advocate in Linux and Containers

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In this episode of GALs, Golnaz sits down with Kris Nova to learn more about the girl behind the code. Kris Nova has been involved with free and open source software since hacking her parents computer as a child. She spends a lot of time contributing in the Go, Kubernetes, and...

Tuesdays with Corey: Kubernetes Connector for Azure Container Instances!

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Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team sat down with Sean McKenna, Principal PM responsible for the newly launched Azure Container Instances - this time talking about the Kubernetes connector. Check out: QuickStart: Get your First...

Use Helm with Azure Container Service and Kubernetes

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Anthony Howe joins Scott Hanselman to talk about and demo Helm in Azure Container Service, which is a package manager for Kubernetes that enables the community to share best practices for installing distributed applications, such as from KubeApps.

Using Kubernetes with Azure Container Instances

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Brendan Burns joins Donovan Brown to discuss the use of Kubernetes with Azure Container Instances. The Azure Container Instances Connector for Kubernetes allows Kubernetes clusters to deploy Azure Container Instances, which enables on-demand and nearly instantaneous container...

Using Web App for Containers in a Multi-Tier Application

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Ahmed Elnably joins Scott Hanselman to discuss a sample project, Developer Finder, that was created to showcase how to use Web App for Containers in the context of a multi-tiered application. For more information, see: Developer Finder, Azure App Services (demo app), Web App...

Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) + E-Book: Desining Distributed Services

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Seit kurzer Zeit steht der Cloud-Dienst Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) offiziell zur Verfügung. Der Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) ist ein Container-Dienst, der die Bereitstellung, die Verwaltung und den Betrieb von Kubernetes als vollständig verwalteter...

E-Book: Architecture for Containerized .NET Microservices

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Laden Sie diesen offiziellen dotNET Microservices-Leitfaden herunter, um architektonische Design- und Implementierungsansätze mit Containern zu erlernen.

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